The Bible Our only safe guide.

The Golden Thread.

Holy Bible Opened to Psalms
                    The Bible is the Word of God

There is a Golden Thread that runs through the Bible. It starts in the first chapter of Genesis and runs through the entire Bible, culminating in the last chapter of Revelation.

Along the route the Golden Thread travels, there are hundreds of mileposts that Christ and his apostles verified in their teaching and writings as being key building blocks of what constitutes the Gospel of The Kingdom of God.

Why is this of any importance? With hundreds of different churches claiming to be Christian, and many promoting widely varying beliefs on key scripture subjects, how is one to know who to believe?

That is why the Bible is our only safe guide.

Like with any subject, when you start from the beginning it becomes a lot easier to comprehend what the Bible teaches.

Jesus and the apostles verify the mileposts of this Golden Thread. Starting from the time of creation, they specifically support the real, bodily existence of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and later the events surrounding Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, and God’s establishment of the nation of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament. Each mile post represents one small piece of a large puzzle that, when put together, reveals the plan of God’s with man on earth.

Bible verses about Abraham

God's Promises

God made promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his seed.  Promises that included a land grant stretching form the nile river in Egypt to the river Euphrates in Iraq.  Abraham never actually received the land God had promised him.  This implies that God will raise him from the grave to give him the land, and eternal possession implies God will give him eternal life.  Abraham’s purchase of a burying plot for his wife in Genesis 23:13 is another verse proving he never received the land God promised him.  See also Acts 7:5

These promises are referenced all throughout Scripture

The promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (also referred to as “the fathers”) are mentioned all throughout scripture in the Old Testament and New showing how important they were to the Jews.  The only covenant God ever made with man which offered him eternal salvation is the promises made to Abraham which are fulfilled in the work of his seed, Jesus Christ.  Belief and Baptism into Jesus Christ grafts us into the seed of Abraham and the promises God made to him (you can see this in Galatians 3:27-29).

The Key To Understanding the Bible

God's offer of eternal life is available to all of us, if only we would search him out.

People seek for life. When faced with disease, or the threat of impending death, they rush for medical help, and will willingly spend and be spent in an endeavor to obtain the often elusive elixir of life by which they hope to put off the day of death.  Yet, God's offer of eternal life is easily found.  It costs only time and interest to discover its secrets.  It is contained in the Bible, and provides the answer to every anxiety of existence.  In this booklet we have set out the principles of this important and personal matter, and invite the reader to compare our contents with the Bible references quoted. 

The earth presents many sad sights to those who have eyes to see.  Where truth should be exalted for the hope and salvation of perishing man, we see contradictory creeds and bitter conflict.  Instead of a generous distribution of the earth's bounties amongst all children, we see millions toiling in hunger; instead of peace and prosperity, we see war preparations and oppressive taxation.  We see wealth concentrating itself into the hands of the few - the poor growing poorer; willing workers unemployed and starving; despairing men arising in rebellion.  Is there no prospect of relief? There is. 

Does Hell Really Exist?

Is there a place where the damned live in eternal agony in searing flames?  Is there a place ruled over by an immortal, eternal anti-god and his demons?

The answer to this question is no.  The place mentioned above does not, and has never existed.

To fully answer this question, we need to explain several things:

  • What happens to a man after he dies?
  • Where does the word "Hell" come from?
  • What is God's punishment for the wicked?
  • Where did this doctrine of Hell, Devil and Demons come from?


Will I go to heaven when I die?

Will I go to heaven when I die?  Does anyone go to heaven when they die?

Many people question whether they really will go to heaven when they die.  The bible is clear that the dead are unconscious in the grave, not enjoying bliss in heaven.

(Note: please click on each link as you read this document.  Each link has a full page of supporting bible verses for the declaritive statement)

  • Psalms 146:4  His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

The Angels - what do we know about them?

The Angels of God

Abraham Meets 3 Angels

In all the churches of the world, there is a lot of misinformation about Angels.  Who they are, what they do and the very characteristics of their bodies which are very different from us.

Misunderstanding the capabilities and characteristics of the angels is a very big problem for people who want to understand the truth, because the attributes of the angels are the promise of God to us, as to what we will become when we are accepted into his kingdom.

The common understanding of the angels by the churches of the world, undermines all of the wonderful aspects of the angels of God, and reduces them to being super sinful men, instead of the glorious creatures they truly are.

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