General Bible Study Articles

An overview of the book of Revelation

Intro: The secret of the book of Revelation is contained in it’s very first verse.  The book is given to show his servants “the things which must shortly come to pass” - a prophecy of the future - and it was “signified”, or put in sign by Christ’s angel.  This means that it is a book of symbols describing the continuous history of the world from the time of John to the return of Christ and past.  Some understandings of Revelation (like the preterist and futurist understandings created by Rome and it’s daughter churches) leave a 1,500 year time gap in the middle of the prophecy (a time period in which the Papacy was identified by Martin Luther as the AntiChrist of John, and conveniently skipping a period in which the Church was responsible for the deaths of over 6o million people during the Protestant Reformation and Spanish Inquisition).  The Christadelphians only believe in the continuous historical understanding of the book of Revelation.

The Sons of God

Some churches teach that the term "Sons of God" refers to sinning Angels.  The bible teaches that the term "Sons of God" refers to those who have covenanted to serve God, whether they do it well or not.

The Angels - What do we know about them?

In all the churches of the world, there is a lot of misinformation about Angels.  Who they are, what they do and the very characteristics of their bodies which are very different from us. Misunderstanding the capabilities and characteristics of the angels is a very big problem for people who want to understand the truth, because the attributes of the angels are the very promise of God to us, as to what we will become, .